16 September 2008

My favorite sandwich

You could say it's a BLT, with the B replaced by a really good slice of C. Tillamook cheddar cheese that is. Oh, how I love Tillamook cheese. I also think that this classic CLT is only good in the middle of tomato season with a fresh grown tomato, open face on whole wheat bread (slightly toasted) with mayo, a piece of crisp lettuce and lots of salt and pepper. That's how I like it. Yum.

Don't get me wrong--I love a good BLT as well, but these are so much easier to throw together and your house (and hair) doesn't stink all day from cooking bacon.

The credit for these sandwiches has to go to my mom (or maybe my dad?), as we ate them a lot when we were growing up.
I LOVE them. I can eat one everyday for lunch, but again, only when I can go out and pick one of these first:

(These are two tomato plants that ended up sharing the same space)


tlenox said...

Between the pizza and sandwich your blog is turning into quite a mouth watering experience. I think I should only pull up your page on a full stomach.

Em said...

yum. sure wish i had a tomato plant to make me some CLT-s. more than those i love bread w a bit o' butter and tomatoes w s&p. yum. and yes, i think it was definitely pops.

Lizzy said...

My parents used to make those all the time,too. I haven't had a meatless sandwich in so long. That looks way too good. I'm gonna need one.

anj-eye said...

wowza - i'm salivating!

why is it that moms make the best sandwiches? something must happen when you pop out the kids - seriously, this goes for all moms across the board.

Ilene said...

I like a little avocado on mine too, thank you very much.

I planted tomatoes in July and FINALLY I have some getting ripe.

Jaclyn said...

Another thing to make the sandwich delicious would be to add a smearing of pesto. I can't get enough of that in the summer with the fresh tomatoes. You'll LOVE IT.