21 October 2008

Good music and a short hiatus

Lately the only music I ever want to listen to is anything soothing, relaxing, or inspirational. You know the genre--George Winston, Enya, MoTab, classical (I love a good pianist playing Chopin) and I'll add Hilary Weeks because I love her. I seem to have been in this mood for days and weeks. Luckily, my inherited ipod came with a playlist called "relaxing" that was put together by Alisa for just these times of life. Thanks, Lis.

If you've noticed, I haven't been nurturing my blog very well these days. The posts have become fewer and far between. Well, I've decided to take a short sabbatical from blogging. I'll be back soon.

09 October 2008

Oh, how I dislike cold

Dear Rabbit,
Please save me a little bit of winter for when I wake up.
Love, Hedgehog.

"I've written it down so you won't forget," said Hedgehog. "Please save me a little bit of winter."
"But why?"said Rabbit.
"Because I want to know what winter
feels like," said Hedgehog.
"Winter is hard and white," said Rabbit. " Winter is cold."
"But what is cold?" said Hedgehog.

Oh how I wish I were Hedgehog and didn't know what cold felt like.

Now, in my town, I can't say that winter feels hard and white, but it is definitely cold. Today was the first day I turned on the heater and felt I couldn't get warm all day long. There is a chill in the air and unfortunately it is here to stay. Sniff. Sniff. I hate the cold. I even always hate getting out of the shower because the air outside of the shower is so. much. colder.

If I were an animal, I would definitely choose to be a hibernating animal. Think of it--sleep and warmth the whole winter long; then you wake up and spring has arrived.

In this cute story poor little non-hibernating Rabbit gets left in the cold to miss his friend Hedgehog while he sleeps away the winter. He's lonely and hungry and can't wait for spring to arrive. Rabbit wraps up a snowball in leaves and saves it for Hedgehog.

Hedgehog stared at the snowball.
It looked like winter.
Hedgehog sniffed the snowball
It smelled like winter.
Hedgehog grasped the snowball in his paws.
"Ouch,"he cried. "It
bit me."
"That," said Rabbit, "is what winter feels like."

I couldn't agree more.

**I know, this post is a bit premature--I should be writing it in the middle of February when the winter blues are in full force and it seems spring will never arrive. Don't worry, I'll repost it then to remind myself and you all how much I hate the cold.

05 October 2008

Monday Fun Find #14 & Reduce what you use: cloth napkins

This is a combo post, as I've been meaning to do another segment of "Reduce what you use" for some time now.

So, today, reduce what you use by switching from disposable to cloth napkins for everyday meals. About six months ago we ran out of our trusty package of Zee napkins and instead of buying another, I decided to pull out the various sets of cloth napkins we received as wedding gifts and actually use them.

What is the point of having sets of cloth napkins in your cupboards waiting for a "special occasion" all the while filling the landfill with disposable napkins after every meal? We decided that in our house, every meal can be that special occasion and we've been using the cloth substitutes ever since.

We've even realized that they don't need to be washed after every meal--they are good for several. I promise I wash them when they need it--but even that isn't a hassle at all. I mean, you're washing dish towels and dish rags, right? Just throw in your napkins!

My good friend Amy makes beautiful cloth napkins--many people stopped to admire her handiwork when we tried our luck at the Eugene Saturday Market earlier this year. I would prefer to showcase her napkins for the Monday Fun Find, but she hasn't quite set herself up on Etsy quite yet. (hint hint, Amy). (If you click on that link and the bad picture of us in that post, you can catch a glimpse of her napkins, or you can see them close-up here or here)

It's interesting--there actually aren't an overwhelming amount of cloth napkin makers on Etsy right now--just a few select sellers whose napkins are all very different from each other.

I will showcase one set I really liked here:

This is a set of 6 napkins made of tan medium-weight cotton and accented with a blue batik. They are made by Bren of goodkarma, a fellow member of teamecoetsy. She has a variety of unique, and well-crafted items in her shop, all made with great attention to detail.

Happy Monday!