25 May 2010

Garden 2010: part 2

Lettuce, Lettuce and more lettuce. That is what is growing like crazy in my garden due to unseasonably cold temperatures and rainy weather here in Oregon the past two weeks.

Not that I'm complaining. Well, about the large amounts of lettuce, that is. The lack of sunshine is a different story.

Our potatoes are also doing very well--lots of greenery and the boys and I can't wait to see flowers on the greens to let us know that new potatoes are indeed growing below.

Thanks to Shannan for sharing the Tuesday Garden party found here each Tuesday. I love to see other people's gardens, especially the ones that are growing here in my own state and climate.

23 May 2010

Double birthday week

Last year when Henry was born two days before James's 6th birthday, I knew that, forever more, this week in May would be one long birthday celebration in our house.

We've just been through the first double birthday extravaganza, and we survived. And it was a lot of fun. Since I've never been one to make a huge deal out of the first birthday, Henry's was relatively low key. A piece of carrot cake in the high chair and a few presents from grandma and some aunties.

For James, however, we made a little bigger deal. I'm not a party planner, and have avoided throwing him a friend party for this many years, but this year his begging won me over and we threw together a little something with a few friends.

Since James is my little artist, we made it an art-themed party and had the boys paint on shirts using freezer paper stencils, make their own pizzas, and decorate their own cupcakes. We had originally planned for all the activities to be outside, but the pouring rain changed the plans a bit. Actually, even with six little boys in our small house, they were all very well-behaved and it was fun.