08 September 2008

Monday Fun Find #12

I discovered these when I was browsing the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge. If you want to see some amazing art, furniture, toys and accessories for kids and their rooms, check it out. You get to vote for your favorites AND you might win a $350 shopping spree on Etsy. (I want it!). Hurry, because the voting ends today, Sept 8th at 11:59pm EST.

Alphabet Magnet Set

Jen Skelley's original illustrations are found on these magnets.
F is for fox, J is for Jellyfish, and my favorite--H is for helicopter (because Owen used to call them "topter-topters").

These would make your fridge so much fun.

If the whole set seems to be a little out of the budget, you can also buy your favorite letters individually.

Happy Monday!


Emily said...

I voted! So much cute stuff it's hard to choose one! I love your monday fun finds!

Lis said...

Those are incredibly fabulous. I want them for myself.

allie said...

i love that owie quote :) he is the cutest. did you use the binky dragon book to wean him?