30 September 2008

Comment Solicitors

Call this a rant, or whatever you will--maybe I'm in a whining mood because I don't feel very good--but I've decided lately that I don't like when there is a question posed at the end of a blog post. I'll be reading along, enjoying what the author has to say about saving a penny, budgeting, party-planning, you name it, and then at the end they ask something like, "What about you? What do you do to save a penny?"

I think I may be guilty of this myself--perhaps in my early days of blogging I was a little desperate for comments or something (I mean, comments are one of the great things about blogging), but after spending some time in the blogging world and collecting a pretty significant list of blogs that I read daily, I've decided that asking a question at the end of a post just bugs me. If people want to comment, they will comment--asking the question just makes people feel like they have to and makes the author seem too desperate.

If you like to ask questions at the end of your post--please still do it. Don't let my annoying rant stop you (like it would anyway). I try not to be negative on the blog, but I'm breaking my rule today.

What about you? Do you like to read a question at the end of a blog post?


Emily said...

Ha ha, that's funny. I'm sure I have been guilty of this before too. I never thought of it as soliciting for comments, bu it totally is!

And don't worry, there are so many things that bug me about blogging too. Like your WORD VERIFICATION!!!

But, I know there is a reason for it.
Anyway, you're funny Kristine, thanks for making me laugh today, I have been stuck inside for 2 days with a sick kid and bored out of my mind.

Lizzy said...

Let me just go ahead and say, I've noticed this before too. I've even done it before. I don't know that I've done it to get more comments, but usually when I'm having a hard time ending the post. It's easier to just throw in a question and call it good. Lazy way out.

I think everyone has something about blogging that drives them crazy. It's good to share and get things off your chest.

Bean said...

Hello, fellow Bean! You've won a special bean-prize in my handmade hotpad giveaway... I just can't help myself, how about you??? (haha!)

email me at bean.at.coyotecraft.dot.com with your addy and I'll have something special and beanalicious out to you within the week ;)


Kristine, you wanna know why I don't like it when people ask questions at the end of their blog? Because I don't think they really give a crap AT ALL, I think they do it so they "look" like they care about what others think, when really, all bloggers think they know everything about whatever their talking about and just ask for everyone else's opinion so they sound humble. How's that for the truth?


Ok so I just looked at your etsy shop- oh my gosh I love your bags- I love the ones with pleats- and I love the name suspender tote- what I creative name! I love it. And I love that fabric you used- the black and white flower one- I still haven't made mine... I love all of the bags, they are sooo cute.

Lis said...

Hear hear.

allie said...

you are so angry.