25 September 2008

A great client

For the past few months I have been sewing bags and bags and bags for my best and favorite client, Ellen, of Classichound. Have you been to her website? She sells beautiful handmade collars and leashes for "fashion hounds and their people."

I'll admit (sorry Ellen!) that I have never been a huge dog lover. In fact, my husband will tell you that I'm still scared of all dogs even as an adult. That is not altogether true. Occasionally a dog makes me nervous, and somehow I passed my fear onto my boys, which makes me sad, but that is a topic for another day.

So, that said, learning more about what Ellen does through Classichound and Handmade4hounds (the Etsy street team she started to raise awareness and money for greyhound adoption) has made me appreciate dogs, dog lovers, and especially greyhounds for their beauty and unique body shape, more than ever before. (I still don't want to own a dog, but that is mostly because of an aversion to picking up their poop)

"Their unique body shape?," you ask? After cutting out and sewing on many greyhounds on these fabulous bags, designed by Ellen herself. . .(the grey ones are all sold out--sorry, but this one above, and several others can be found here)

. . .I have come to appreciate what a beautiful dog a greyhound really is.

I'm so glad that I met Ellen (thanks Tara!) and have been able to form such a comfortable, successful working relationship with her. Thanks to her and these bags, I have been able to expand my sewing skills--especially in applique!

She sends me boxes of beautiful Amy Butler, Michael Miller, and Alexander Henry fabrics, and I get to sew them. What more could a seamstress ask for?


Jaclyn said...

Those bags are incredible, you're very talented. Now I know for sure that I want to be you when I grow up.

Lizzy said...

Those bags are great! I love the applique. You're so talented. And how fun to just get cute material and be able to sew your stuff and send them off.

AlexisTexas said...

i am so jealous of your incredible talent! someday maybe we'll make it down that way and your creativity can rub off on me a bit.
thanks for the blog comment-i am jealous of your blueberry pickin-we have been living off blueberry muffins and pancakes lately-i have just craved them practically every other day and luckily costco carries 'em-enough to fill my willywonka-violet-like blueberry love right now. maybe we can swap next year! oh, congrats too!
love your etsy shop...

Lis said...

That green fabric is killing me dead, I love it so much. Is it Amy Butler?

Lima Bean said...

yes, green peony i believe it's called. although the dye lot that came in this yardage (shown in the pic) is a lot more minty green than the yardage we've been getting lately. the one lately is more lime green.


I hate dogs because they are scary, they stink, they make your house stink, they get hair everywhere, and they get mud on your beautiful floors, and they just make everything stink! And they climb up on you or bark or lick you and get you dirty. But guess what, I LOVE that bag! It is so cute!!!!!!!!!! I love it! it seems like a "classy" dog.