27 February 2008

It's in my genes

Yesterday I found this note, written on a small piece of folded wrapping paper, hiding in the front of my recipe box:

Here's a recipe notebook I had in my cupboard from a long time ago, (and it wasn't being used, so thought you might find it useful for clipped recipes from magazines, helpful hints, or whatever.) If not, pass it on to someone else. I strongly believe in recycling, you know.
Love, Gram T.

It's true that Gram and Gramps T. strongly believed in recycling, reusing, composting, and generally being less wasteful. They didn't make a scene about it, but simply made choices to reuse plastic bags, foil, the same napkin for all three meals (folding it to the cleanest side each time), to eat and preserve food they had grown in their master garden, and the list goes on and on.

I just hope they are proud of the efforts I am trying to make to continue their example and carry on their legacy. In their honor, I am starting a new line of canvas shopping bags.

Here is the first installment:

09 February 2008

Do you love Etsy too?

I'm sitting here trying to think back to how I got introduced to Etsy in the first place. I'm sure it was Alisa-- my fashion-forward, has a bit of knowledge about most subjects and a lot of knowledge about others-- sister who introduces me to most new things, but I can't even remember what that conversation was like.

Actually, now I do remember. Someone posted something on the gdiapers forum about how Etsy was a good option for a SAHM looking to earn a small income with her craftiness. This sparked my initial interest, and it has only just grown from there. Here's where Alisa came in-- I looked for approval (as I often do) about the credibility and "coolness" factor, if you will, of Etsy, and she came back with rave reviews. That was all I needed to take the plunge and set up shop.

Well, Etsy, you have met and exceeded all my expectations and have lived up to the rave reviews. Of course there are some glitches here and there--they're a newborn company!--but the fees are low, the image hosting is priceless and they're just going to keep getting better.

My favorite thing has to be how fellow Etsyians (Etsyites?) are so willing to share their knowledge with each other. I have learned to be a better photographer, a better seamstress and a better marketer all from tutorials, storque articles, and other forums in which these Etsyians have unselfishly shared their expertise to help us newbies.

So, here I am, back to my first question--Do you love Etsy too? How did you discover Etsy? Post a comment and tell us all!

Can't wait to read them.

Oh, and check back soon for another post where I confess that I am also addicted to Etsy. . .

04 February 2008

What's playing in the sewing studio

Well, first of all, don't I wish I had a sewing studio. In fact, what I have is a corner of my bedroom which has everything to do with my sewing shoved everywhere it can possibly fit. But, thanks to Renate, my dear aunt, I do have a fabulous sewing table which holds my awesome old Bernina and my wonderful Christmas present Pfaff serger.

So, these days on those precious moments when I am able to spend time in my sewing corner the only thing I want to listen to is Patty Griffin. Two plus years ago, when Alisa kindly shared her ipod (for a pittance) she generously left music on there and I have slowly been discovering what good taste she sometimes has, and for sure the introduction to Patty has been a fabulous one for me and for my sewing.

If you haven't ever heard her, start with Sweet Lorraine, Forgiveness, Goodbye, and because I live in Oregon where it rains most of everyday in the winter, Rain, which gives voice to how I feel about it sometimes.

Gotta love good music and ipods. Thanks Lis.