24 February 2011

Garden 2011: part 2

My last post was about the warm weather gift we'd been given. One month later we're being given a different kind of weather gift. This is more a gift to my children and all children who get to stay home and play in the snow due to school being cancelled. Ah, the joys of living in a place where snow is a novelty and everything shuts down for two inches and then it melts in two days. Love.

My raised beds are built and ready to go after a weed excavation extravaganza, but I'm just glad I didn't follow through on my inkling to plant peas and parsley last week. My favorite thing about these new garden beds is that I can see them through my kitchen window.

Thankfully, the only thing that has been planted are these four little broccoli plants and two cabbage plants and they are growing well in the blaring south sun of said window. In fact, the growth of these little guys is giving me high hopes for future plants in the beds, as my garden plots in previous houses have not had this kind of southern sun exposure, and this has so far even been filtered through the window.