21 September 2008

Football musings

If you happen to love BYU Football like we do at our house, you might have fun reading these pre- and post-game recaps written by my sports-loving little sister, Doge. She is a non-paid intern at a sports betting site, which is where these articles make their debut (who's betting on BYU you ask? well, people who think they might bust the BCS I suppose). Since you have to pay for a membership on said sports betting site, we begged her to post them on her blog, and she obliged. She's a great writer. Once basketball season begins, she's also going to blog about the Jazz, and that should be fun to read. Stay tuned for a link.

And while we're on the subject of football, did anyone watch the Oregon Ducks lose another quarterback yesterday? As one sports announcer said, "The only thing worse than being a crash-test dummy these days is being an Oregon QB". Kind of a lame quote, but funny nonetheless. So, all you fans (and semi-interested non-fans), count with me: since the sad day that Dennis Dixon went down last season, there have been four others who followed him, making 5 quarterbacks out due to some sort of injury (mostly blown knees). The guy who stepped in yesterday in the middle of the 4th quarter was a true freshman who literally removed the red vest he was wearing in order to give up his redshirt year. You can imagine, since he was a redshirt player, that he had VERY little time practicing with the team under his belt, yet he came in and almost led them to a victory.

There must be a serious conspiracy going on at Autzen. Maybe the Ducks need to start recruiting some quarterbacks that don't have chicken legs. Most of their guys are pretty scrawny, and apparently their scrawny legs can't hold up to whatever the practice and playing fields are made of over at Autzen.

Okay, that's enough about that.

***If you clicked on that link for the game recaps and found that it was no longer there, just surf through her archives and look for the post on September 19th. For some reason she doesn't label her posts, but I think she should start (hint hint Doge). Also, her real name is Allison for those of you wondering what kind of weird name is Doge.


Lis said...

. . . or Duck legs?

Poor Ducks. I like a redshirt good playing story, though, so hopefully that kid can do them proud.

allie said...

thanks for the awesome plug, bean :) hope i don't let all your limabean fans down!
also, owie's present and your shirts are on their way! tell owie i'm sorry for the delay and to not kick me out of favorite aunt position!