20 February 2010

Shop Update

Lots of new fabrics for sandwich wraps in the shop, including a listing for a custom wrap using fabric of your own choosing or from your stash. Check it all out here.

17 February 2010

Scenes from my yard

**I thought it was time to pick up the compost bin and move it to another place in the garden. I do this every six months or so, and the pile of compost that is already inside can just continue to decompose until May when the whole garden will be uncovered and it can be tilled into the ground.

It's quite remarkable to see the layers stacked like that in all stages of decomposition. Really amazing that it's simply vegetable, fruit and other kitchen discards, leaves and grass clippings. And the bottom layer? A rich, nutrient-filled soil additive. And it's free.

If you want to make a compost bin like this, you'll find the tutorial here.

**A couple of weeks ago, the boys were playing in the backyard and called me outside to see this double rainbow. I'm pretty glad they did. After studying the story of Noah in our sunday school class last week, it made me consider this rainbow in a different way.

**The picture doesn't really give justice to how dainty these little daffodils are. I don't remember planting baby daffodils, but am just delighted that they came up this year. They are right by the front door, so it's a welcome reminder every time we come and go that spring might really come.

11 February 2010

Just real quick

For all my word-loving friends: here is another fun way to challenge your mind during the kids' naptime or whenever you have some time to waste. haha. Just try to ignore the occasionally disturbing advertising on the side bar. I just discovered it, and so far my high score has only been 14. So I'm on a mission to increase it a bit.

Boggle=another game James and I love to play together.

09 February 2010

A special girl

I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, it's been one of those days. Being a parent of young children is emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding and draining. And worth every minute, of course.

In addition to being hard, however, today has also been special. It is a day where we get to join our dear friends, Bill and Mindi, in celebrating the birthday of their sweet angel, Addison.

Five years ago Addi was born and spent two weeks with Bill and Mindi before she passed away peacefully. She has made me appreciate life, realize that heaven is closer than we know, and feel more love and admiration for her mom and dad, who have, over the years, handled this devastating loss with strength and grace.

I try to think of Addi often, not just on her birthday. I love the celebrations her family has each year, like this one, last year, and this one, two years ago.

Such a sweet angel, and a sweet reminder of the beautiful plan of happiness that will allow Addi's family to see her and kiss that sweet face again someday.

05 February 2010


Just a few links to share that struck my fancy and might strike yours:

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week on Feb. 2nd. That is groundhog day. It makes that "holiday", if you will, more fun and eventful than just the usual wondering if that pesky rodent will see his shadow. This post about groundhog day made me laugh because, yes, I am also living that life and also wouldn't trade it for the world. Except mine has now expanded to include a few daily drop-offs and pick-ups and "hurry up and get your shoes on and your backpack ready and brush your teeth and comb your hair or you'll be late for school"s.

I read angry chicken because I really like Amy Karol's approach to sewing, cooking and her life. She is honest, hilarious and very candid in her writing. This recent post I loved because I also think I have it in me to make cough syrup out of the elder flowers that are growing in my backyard. I'm not there yet, but I have the desire. So I'll keep reading and getting ideas from her. Plus, she lives in Portland and I kind of love that.

And last, this helpful chart tells me that I can go ahead and plant peas now that it is February. Since I've been buying and consuming large amounts of snap peas lately, I think it is much better if I just grow and consume large amounts of my own from my backyard. I've never planted this early, so hopefully it will work out.