30 July 2012

Summer Bingo

The idea for summer bingo was originally inspired by this post back in 2010, and last year we added it to our summer routine. Like many things, my older boys were excited and gung ho for the first little while, then it wasn't as exciting. But when I brought the first card out the week after school ended this year, they couldn't wait to finish every square. Things have slowed a bit, but I still like having it around to say, "what's on your bingo card?",when they tell me they are bored, or they want to earn money.
The rules I adopted for ours go like this:


1.      You must be dressed, morning chores done, scriptures read and breakfast eaten before starting Bingo activities.
2.      You will receive a new bingo card each week. Squares in green earn an immediate ticket
3.      Mom or Dad will give you stamps/stickers so you need to let them know which one you’ve done.
4.      Each time you complete 5 in a row, you receive a ticket.
5.      You get one free stamp/sticker each week
6.      The maximum amount of bingos you can get per card each week is 5.
7.      HAVE FUN!


1 ticket –                    bag of chips
                                    one can of soda/bottle of gatorade
                                    coupon good for mom or dad to do one of your jobs
2 tickets –                 $1 to fun money
                       30 extra mins of electronics
              (maximum screen time per day is 1 hour)
3 tickets –                 rent a Wii game at redbox
BLACKOUT             date with mom or dad
           $3 to fun money

Funny & surprising: the gatorade has been the biggest draw.

this was another post that was helpful last year when i came up with the cards & rules. the things i put on the cards are things i want the boys to do anyways, mixed in with some fun and funny ones. i try to change them up each time i make a new card. included every week is finish saturday jobs by 9:30 am--how boring is that? lol.

29 July 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Busy, fun summer so far:
 Trip to Portland Rose Garden (amazing, as usual)

Olympic Track Trials with the Suttons
 Happy Birthday to Jeffrey

 Ride on Frontrunner with Fuller cousins to see Church Museum & City Creek in Salt Lake 
Family Reunion in Midway
 Lovely visit with Great Oma and Opa Muelleck
 Tubing on Jordanelle

So glad we still have a whole month to play!