04 August 2011

Right now I am

Loving the Oregon summer that finally decided to arrive. 80 degrees during the day and a pleasant 60s at night. This is why we live here.

Contemplating for the millionth time the purchase of a new camera to replace our old Kodak 6.1 megapixel. How embarrassing to admit that we are still using that old dinosaur, but I'm really not a person who loves to take pictures, so it's never very high on my priority list.

Eating less than I have been or want to, not because I don't still have the voracious nursing appetite, but because I really want to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy pants sometime soon.

Hoping that the garden veggies that I'm picking and eating everyday will help with the goal above.

Looking forward to TWO weddings in the next two months of our littlest sister and our awesome cousin. Attending these weddings in Salt Lake City and Sacramento and the driving it will require is giving me a little bit of anxiety, but every minute spent on the road and every ,"are we there yet?" shouted from the back seat will be worth it to see these awesome kids be married for eternity.

Speed-Reading The Oracle of Stamboul, an interesting piece of historical fiction. Trying to finish it in two days because I can't renew it at the library.

Changing a lot of diapers. Grateful for gdiapers and the cloth inserts that fill them so that I am filling my washing machine instead of my garbage can every week.

Excited to be sewing for my Etsy shop again, after a couple month hiatus. Here's to hoping the orders will be just enough to fulfill my sewing desire, but not too many to add to the overwhelmingness that is life with four kids.

Trying to be happy for two dear friends who are selling their houses and moving their families to different states in the next few weeks. Happy for their new adventures, but sad for us who are being left behind.

inspiration for this post and future posts like this come from soulemama

03 August 2011

Busy Summer

In the 7 weeks since Thomas joined our family, we have been busy.

James was baptized, Thomas was blessed, and lots of family came from all over the country for most of July to be a part of these special family events. We celebrated Jeff's birthday #33 and had a Fuller family reunion at the Oregon coast where we had not-so great weather, fun matching shirts and 14 adults & 18 children all sleeping in the same house. We also discovered an awesome new beach on the way home in Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda, where we met up with some great college friends who we haven't seen for 10 years. Our 4 kids became fast friends with their 4 kids for the afternoon on this beach where they searched for baby crabs and we all climbed a ginormous sand dune that we will definitely be visiting again.

Now it is August, all the visitors have gone home, Jeff is back to work, and I am learning what life is really like with four kids. Trying to balance all their needs and get anything done is no joke and I'm just trying to figure it all out and enjoy this last month of summer before school begins.