16 March 2011

Custom order love

After a three-month hiatus from sewing, I reopened my shop at the beginning of February, and the orders coming in, along with my regular sewing for classichound, have kept me very busy these last six weeks.

I wanted to share a few of the custom orders I have made, as I always appreciate the challenge it is to meet the specific needs of a customer who has something special in mind.
A customer sent me this fun fabric, some of which were cloth napkins, and requested sandwich wraps with muslin as the lining instead of nylon. It is actually a great idea, as muslin is very breathable and it is something I will probably add to the shop at a later date.

This is a diaper bag made for my SIL's cousin, and I am mostly thrilled with how the adjustable strap turned out. I am thinking of making one for Jeff in this messenger style, with more manly colors and fabrics.

These brown canvas lunch bags, (which were actually originally added to the shop as a result of a custom order), have been a top seller at limabeanhome these last six weeks. A couple of teenage sisters in Canada wanted to change the closure of the lunch bag from a velcro to snaps, which was a fun challenge.
And the newest permanent addition is this cherry oilcloth lunchbag. Oilcloth is something I have been eyeing as a medium for many months and I was thrilled to see it arrive in my local fabric store so that I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Happy Sewing days!