23 September 2008

Monday Fun Find #13

Monday Fun Find is one day late this week. . .

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I'd suggest an idea for any little girl who wants wants to be a princess AND for her mother who wants a costume that will have a second life as a warm, cozy nightgown after Halloween.

The one pictured here is for a Snow White costume/nightgown, but Melanie also makes them in yellow (Belle), pink (any princess), blue (Cinderella or Wendy), or white (angel, Sleeping Beauty).

The nightgowns are made of flannel-backed satin, a unique, soft and silky fabric and are beautifully sewn. She has a variety of sizes available. Check out her Etsy shop for a sizing chart.

Happy Monday!


Lis said...

Melanie's nightgowns are a big hit with some little girls in NC that I know. This is a great idea.

Give the $ to Melanie instead of China!

Jen said...

I love your fun finds! This is a great idea. Thanks for posting.

Kari said...

These are great--Emily would just love to have one! I noticed you have a Willa Cather book on your "read" list. She's one of my favorite authors, but I haven't read that book. How'd you like it?