02 June 2008

Monday Fun Find

In the spirit of making Mondays fun days instead of what they usually are, I'm starting a new feature where I share my favorite handmade item of the week. I'll call it the Monday Fun Find.

Here is the first:
KeyChain Lip Balm Holder

Even though BeaG lives in Belgium, the total on this cute little lip balm holder (including international shipping) is less than $12. She makes several sizes of Lip Balm Holders in all colors to fit all sizes of lip balms, and each is an original design hand-crocheted by BeaG.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Lis said...

Great news for Burt's Bees-addicts everywhere. (Neck . . .) I'm off the stuff myself.

Donnie Barnes said...

We all know I'm more than a little bit twisted, but the first thing that entered my mind was that it was a holder for a female feminine hygiene product.

I keep a tube of the Bees in my pocket, but I'll skip the keychain holder this time.

Lima Bean said...

There are some of those on Etsy too, db, if you're making requests, I'll make it my next Monday Fun Find.

Donnie Barnes said...


And why I wrote "female feminine" I'll never know. It actually hit me laying in bed last night that I may have done that, but then I thought "nah, I'd never do something like that!" *sigh*