21 June 2008

The Winged Weeder

Have you heard of this tool yet? If you have any weeds in your life that need pulling, read on.

My dad bought one of these nifty tools for me last year when he was visiting and saw my weed infested flower beds and garden. It was perfect timing, as I was just starting to feel completely overwhelmed by the weeds and about to just give up on any sort of hope for a green thumb. Spending hours on my hands and knees just didn't seem worth it and I knew that the weeds would always come back.

Enter the Winged Weeder.

It has a long handle to allow for weed removal without bending over.

It really pulls out the whole weed, including the roots (which is more than I can say for my weak hands).

It is lightweight, Made in the USA, and invented by a farmer in Idaho.

If your excuse for not growing a garden was that you didn't want to fight the weeds, now you have no excuse. Go for it! Plant something edible and reap the rewards.


mindi said...

kris, i NEED one of those! we just had our yard landscaped and opted for mulch throughout all the beds. we treated with weed preventer, but i know some are going to pop through! where can you buy this amazing tool?

Lima Bean said...

I got mine at our local hardware store. My dad has one, and he's mostly a Home Depot and Lowe's shopper, so I bet they have them there too. They actually make weeding kind of fun.

Lizzy said...

Is this an As Seen On TV product? Because I swear I've seen this on TV before.

I don't have a garden yet, but this sounds like something I could use for when I get one.

AlexisTexas said...

so awesome! is it a HORRIBLE gift to get my husband?!? not hinting too badly right? i give him that as a gift, and he returns the favor with pulling out the weeds with it right?
ps. i love your blog-it's great and i love the great tips and fun stuff. sorry i don't comment on it more often!