07 June 2008

Saturday Market

I can now officially add "sold items at craft fair" to my hand crafting resume. And not just any craft fair--the Eugene Saturday Market. In fact, it can't really even be called a craft fair--it is better called a community marketplace for strictly handmade items.

My friend approached me last week about possibly sharing a booth with her, and although it scared me to sit at a table all day long and have people walk by judging my items, I also wanted to see what it is like to sell in person and participate as a seller in an event I've attended only as a buyer.

As new sellers, we had to show up early this morning to sign in and wait for booth spaces to be assigned in order of seniority. Being the lowest on the totem pole, we were told not to get our hopes up for the first few weeks, but just to show up and we would get "points" that would help us move up in the pecking order.

I was actually quite unprepared for the day, as last night my sewing machine decided to freeze up for the first time in the 5 years that I've owned it, and I wasn't able to finish all the produce bags and canvas bags that I thought would be my top sellers. But since we were told not to expect a booth, I wasn't too worried.

Perhaps it was the rainy, cold day that kept many of the regular sellers away, but there ended up being lots of vacant spots, and we were the lucky recipients. So after getting over the shock of it all, we set up shop.

(It was cold and windy most of the day, hence the coats and bad hair)

(This was taken at the end of the day when items had been picked up and moved around, hence the haphazard look of the table)

All in all, it was a unique, fun experience and I really hope to have another chance to sell when I can really showcase the items I'd like and also when we can have some really beautiful June weather.


Lizzy said...

You are officially an Oregonian. Look at you selling at the market. That is so exciting! You guys look very official. Congrats and good luck!

Emily said...

Awesome Kristine, you go girl!
Good luck and I hope you continue to do it. SM is one of my favorite places!

Tara said...

That is so great Kristine!! Your stuff is so cool. So my husband and I went to check out the SM in Las Vegas - there were like 4 or 5 booths. 4 or 5!!! I thought to myself, "we are definitely not in Eugene anymore!" I totally miss that hippie fest!

mindi said...

sweet gig. how'd you make out?