30 May 2008

Guest Make and Taker

Marie from Make and Takes has a great feature where she invites guests to post a fun idea for a craft or treat they have made with their kids--and she calls us Guest Make and Takers. I'm proud to have that name for today.

I discovered her blog some weeks ago when she was the guest mom for the week on Design Mom, (another blog I have on my google reader) and was instantly hooked to her fun ideas for kids crafts, activities and treats. Each post is a tutorial with such great pictures that you feel like you're in her house participating in the fun. Her kids are lucky to have such a fun mom, and readers of her blog feel equally lucky. Thanks Marie!

One of my favorite tutorials from her blog is how to recycle your old, broken crayons into these:



Loved the way the kids made crafts of things that can either be recycled or are just thrown out. Why not recycle it in your home if possible.. I will think twice before tossing an old container or box. Thanks.

mindi said...

wow. very cool. did i tell you the recycling program finally got approved? hooray! they are waiting for 2000 people to sign up before they officially start, so i have been busy marketing. making progress....