17 June 2008

Gotta sew, gotta sew, gotta sew, gotta sew right now

With Jeff gone in Washington D.C. for 6 days, I find myself in charge of parenting two boys alone. It's a daunting task. Finding myself in this situation reminded me of this great post by Ilene, who often faces this daunting task. Even though I do stay home all day with my two boys, it's slightly overwhelming to think that for six whole days my relief pitcher will never be giving me a break in the 7th inning (a.k.a. 5:00 pm-- the bewitching hour for all stay-at-home moms).

We'll survive. In fact, we'll do more than survive. We'll have a lot of fun--by day we'll take advantage of the spring weather that has FINALLY arrived in Oregon and
visit parks, ride bikes and eat kid-friendly, no-cooking-required food for every meal.

But by night I will put the boys to bed early (they will be exhausted from all the fun), and have the whole evening to. . .SEW!! I can't wait. It really is exciting to think of all
the projects that have been in my head for months might actually come to fruition. Well, not all of them, but a few. I am always craving uninterrupted sewing time, and here it is! I won't complain about him being gone for one more minute (but I do miss you, honey).

Here are some of the things I plan to get done:

Attaching handles to canvas bags

Hemming tops of produce bags

Delving into my stacks of fabric to fashion new bags--
perhaps this cute little shoulder bag, which comes with a fun tutorial.

If you need me, I'll be sewing.


Emilee said...

and maybe if you get a minute, the ottoman slipcover too. :)

Lima Bean said...

Em, I promise I will bring it to Tahoe. That is a promise.

mindi said...

happy sewing! family trip to tahoe? sound fun!

Jeff F said...

I miss you.....and hope that you do get some sewing done, but I wish that I was with you.