16 June 2008

Monday Fun Find #3

All Natural Vegan Laundry Soap

I have a personal love for this Monday Fun Find, because I bought it several months ago from LoteTree and it has made me enjoy folding laundry again. The reason? The scent is a mixture of lavender and patchouli and it just leaves the clothes with a hint of that scent. I have a secret love for patchouli (as my family will attest) and this one is earthy without being overpowering.

I originally bought this detergent to wash my cloth diapers, as traditional detergent doesn't treat diapers very well. I have since abandoned the bottle of Tide in my cupboard meant for other clothes and use this on everything.

If you're not a patchouli lover, they also have two other scents available--Needleleaf, which is an evergreen scent, or Citrus Bliss (which isn't listed in their shop right now, but perhaps would be available if you contacted them).

The price is right on this item, as it sells for a little more than $20 including shipping and lasts FOREVER. When you use the cute little wooden scoop they send with the soap, you can wash 100 loads of laundry. If you're doing the math, this figures out to be around 20 cents per wash.

Happy Monday!


Emilee said...

I have the Citrus Bliss and it is fabulous. I love the scent and have also abandoned my bottle of Tide. It is great for HE washers because it has very little suds.

Lima Bean said...

Fun! I didn't know you had bought it. That is a great tip about it being good for HE washers.

Soap Mogul said...

Thanks for the review! I'm so glad you all love it as much as I do! We will be introducing a new laundry scent around august- a nice spice. keep updated at www.theloteree.blogspot.com


Lis said...

You know patchouli makes me want to barf, but I could get behind the low packaging. Can it compare to the smell of candy-laundry, courtesy of Gain? It would be hard for me to give that up . . .

Lima Bean said...

Lis--since I've only ever smelled the patchouli scent, I can't give a good answer to this question. The scent is definitely not as strong as Gain, though. It is a very subtle smell. In fact, I've noticed that I can smell it on the boys' clothes more than my own even (you can just imagine the smelling that is going on--I mean, there was already a lot of smelling of them, and now this)

But Emilee should answer this about the Citrus Bliss one. I also love the low packaging and the cute little scoop and even that it doesn't make a lot of suds. It just seems very natural.

That was a long answer to your question and I didn't really even answer it.

mindi said...

my two favorite scents! i must get some! thanks for the tip em- i also have a he washer.