19 January 2010

Various and sundry

**I am officially the proud owner of this beauty, except in a red/grey color scheme. It retails for around 300 bucks; I found it on craigslist for $75. I emailed the seller of this stroller one hour after she listed it, and then three other times in three days and never heard back. I was super sad because I wanted it so bad, but just gave up because what are you going to do if peeps never respond? Then yesterday, six days after the original posting, it was still listed, so Jeff emailed her and she responded within an hour. Maybe my emails went to her spam filter? Who knows. But we went to take a look yesterday evening and it was practically brand-new looking.

The third child gets a new stroller because the mama is sick of pushing around the old $15 graco variety bought at a garage sale. Lucky Henry? I think lucky me. I can't wait to go everywhere with this smooth, awesome piece of baby equipment.

**In other news, our new couch finally arrived last week, and I'm waiting for a sunny day to clean up and take a good picture of the new living room. As you know, in Oregon that might take some time, but it is on my to-do list. Who am I kidding--the cleaning up might take longer than waiting for a non-rainy day.

**Reason #500 why i love living here: on Saturday this local non-profit had their annual fabric sale where they sell all pieces of donated fabric from people and businesses for 50 cents a pound. There was some great stuff, and I filled this giant red shopping bag for $4.50.

Soon much of it will be made into totes for the shop, as I am leaning that direction for limabeanhome right now. I'm going to ditch making diaper bags & purses for a little while and go back to basic shopping totes, and hope soon to add reusable sandwich wraps in a new style.

Heaven knows my shop needs a little love and attention right now.

**And one more thing: Ellen and I have been working on a new bag for Classichound and it is very exciting. Soon it will be for sale in both her shops, and we hope it will be a big hit.

And that's all.


Jen I said...

We had the same stroller for Cash. I really miss pushing one child in such a nice light-weight stroller that handles so easily. Now I push a hundred pounds of kid in a stroller for three. I've had people see me pushing that SUV of strollers around and ask me: "Does it fold up really compact?" Um, no.

Sure wish I had cause to bust out the Maclaren. Hope you enjoy it.

Aimee Fuller said...

The Maclaren is awesome and I wish I had one just like that one. My sister in law has had the same one with all 3 of her boys...and it still runs great.

Kate said...

NICE! I love strollers. Nice strollers. Cool strollers. Fun strollers. Have fun!

SummerV said...

You'll have to tell me what you think of that stroller, I am looking for a new one our cheapy single stroller is so done!

megan said...

The material sale sounds awesome! Do that do that very often. Let me know more info about it.

Jaclyn said...

Great stroller, happy walking! I loved the post about the boys and what they will remember. I feel the same way every day. What will they remember about me? Heaven help me because sometimes I just want to drop them off at their grandmas house and run.