05 December 2009

Ode to the couches

Jeff and I decided to buy each other a couch for Christmas this year, since we've had the same couch and loveseat the entire eight years we've been married. We very gratefully acquired these free couches one month before our wedding. They were very comfortable and in great shape, but originally made of a cream-colored shiny brocade fabric which was impossible to keep clean.

In 2003, after owning the couches for two years and apologizing too many times for the stained, ripped cushions, I decided to try my hand at some custom slipcovers. Turns out they were much harder than Hildi made them look every Saturday night on Trading Spaces, but after all was said and done, I was proud of how they turned out.

Today, a nice couple came and bought the couches. It was inevitable, we only have one living room and our new one will be delivered soon.

But still, it was sad. The couches have followed us to three apartments and one house, and have countless memories of nursing babies, reading stories, taking naps, and watching football.

Stay tuned for a reveal of our new living room.


SummerV said...

Our couch is emberrasingly stained and the skirt at the bottom is being held on by safety pins. Needless to say when we get our first paycheck it will be one of the first things replaced.

Ilene said...

I LOVE reveals! Can't wait.

It is funny that you actually loved your couches enough to dedicate a post to them. I loathed our free couches and once we moved into our first house in Eugene I refused to bring those monsters along. I about cried when our first new couch was delivered. Heaven.

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I love that you've taken so many pictures of your couches. Maybe, if I took the time to look, I may have more than I think I have.

How exciting to get new couches! Merry Christmas.:)

I'm a little slow, but one of these next days I'll get on the Christmas card or letter thing and mail something to you so you know what our new address is.:)

Take care.


Hi! Ha- I feel you on the couch, I love my slip covered couches, they were also free, but they are getting dirtier and older, and bla- and I'm excited for when we make enough money to feel justified in buying REAL couches. This is very exciting and though your couches were very cute and well made, I understand you getting new ones. I'm excited to see teh new ones.