31 January 2010

A reveal of sorts

The new couch.

. . .with the tag still on. It's a bit more retro than we thought was our style, but we love it. And I've officially become that mom who is always yelling at her kids to get their grubby hands and feet off the new couch. lovely.

The other half of the room where the loveseat once was is still a bit of a work in progress. It includes a chair found on Craigslist (credit goes to Alisa for that) that needed sanding, staining, and reupholstering. All have been done except the last coat of stain, which is again at the mercy of the blasted Oregon rain.

So really this is only half of a living room update/reveal.


Aimee Fuller said...

Diggin' the new couch. It looks pretty comfy. Can't wait to try it out, hopefully, this summer if all goes according to plan! :)

David and Jana said...

So very exciting. Love it!

Paul and Missy said...

I love it! Paul and I totally love the retro look! I wish I could go back to the 50s and 60s to get my furniture!

Lundin said...

What great style!