05 January 2010

Christmas presents

Santa Claus knows that the Fuller boys spend a lot of time lying on the ground drawing. So the Crayola Floor Pads and True to Life Crayons he left under the tree and the aunts and uncles who gifted new colored pencils and whatnot are being used and used and used again.

Tonight we finished off this busy day on the floor together, drawing stars and Super Mario characters and shapes and tigers. James was a little more talkative about his school day than usual, and my little Owen was in good spirits, super proud of the stars he was learning to draw.

Pleasant time spent together, creating.

A magical moment.

1 comment:

Aimee Fuller said...

I love that you can hardly see Owen's face but you can still tell their is a smile there.

Miss you guys already.

Oh...forgot to tell you that I love you in the scarf. Super cute.