03 May 2009

It's the final countdown

Well, at long, long, long last I can say with excitement and some surety that I am on the homestretch. It's the bottom of the ninth (month, get it?), and I find myself pretty impatient and uncomfortably waiting on third base for a 7-8ish pound person to bat me home for the winning run.

This has been one heck of a thing. Four months of nausea, vomiting and zero appetite gave way to about two months of feeling sort of normal and the appetite returning, which was followed by three months of major heartburn and reflux and back to a restricted diet and way too many antacids. There really isn't much I have been able eat which I don't regret later, but some things definitely cause EXTREME regret and serious acid, and therefore have to be added to the list of things to avoid. Sadly, it's a pretty long list.

You'll notice that the whole previous paragraph has to do with food. I've made previous confessions here about my love for all food. In fact, I have a pretty serious list of foods I am planning to devour when this little guy decides to appear and I welcome with OPEN ARMS the appetite sans heartburn that appears almost immediately.

Here are just a few:
  • Mauna Loa Chicken from Hawaiian Time. for you non-Eugene peeps, think teriyaki basted chicken grilled with a spicy lava sauce served over sticky rice. yum.
  • Cadbury creme egg saved from Easter. chocolate is one of the major acid-producers and oh, how I have missed eating chocolate for three long months
  • The largest combo plate of BBQ ribs, pulled pork, brisket and all the sides from Hole in the Wall BBQ covered and smothered in their spiciest sauce
  • Chinese Food
  • A western bacon cheeseburger from Carls Jr. Maybe the ravenous nursing appetite will even allow me to eat a double.

  • Tomatoes. so full of acid, but so delicious. oh, how i've missed you.

Sixteen more days (give or take a few)--baby will arrive and the feast will begin.


Sara said...

have you already instructed jeff on what he should bring to the hospital ASAP once baby arrives? i always love requesting a juicy hamburger and milkshake after birthing a child. the most guilt-less meal EVER. i know i EARNED that one. :)

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Hahaha! Hang in there...your almost done! I wish I was...

Lambert's said...

You are so close! Hang in there. I like your friend's idea of a special hospital meal. I think I will do that too. Hopefully you don't have broken ribs again. And you won't have to walk from the convention offices to the housing office after your water breaks. :) I have 6 weeks to go, so I am jealous.

Lizzy said...

I love Hole in the Wall and Hawaiian Time. Eat some for me too! It all sounds so good. I'm sort of the opposite right now. I'm eating the world and everything I see knowing that the second this baby comes I'm going to have to cut WAY back.

Trisha said...

Haha! Sounds like great plans to me! Best wishes on the final stretch.

Emily said...

If not the excitement of having a newborn, the excitement of eating all that yummy food should get you through the next 2 weeks!!

J Hoyal said...

You are almost done, how exciting!! So sad about no chocolate, I think I would die...lol!