08 May 2009

Baby Items: part 1

These days there are so many great items that simplify your life with a baby. Lately I have been in the mood to make some of these items (call it nesting) and found free tutorials online for each one. I thought I'd share what I've made, and how you can make your own. These all make such great, inexpensive baby shower gifts. Most of these I'm keeping for myself, though.

It's amazing how much money you can save by making things yourself with clearance and thrifted fabrics.
Diaper Bag The pattern for this bag was developed in my head, but I got the idea for the all the inside pockets (minus the elastic) from this tutorial. I ended up having enough of this to make two of these, so the other one is listed in my shop.

Nursing CoverI have made these as gifts for so many people, so I was excited to make one for myself. Tutorial found here.

Diaper ClutchI found a tutorial here, but I actually prefer this style better. Here is one I just made for a work friend of Jeff's who is having a baby. The green one is mine--I made it last year and has been well-used already, so isn't as cute. But it's still very useful.

There are three more items to show--a boppy cover, a sling and a wetbag, they will be in a separate post.



Seeing others' sewing projects on blogs always makes me wish I had that talent... everything you made looks so good!! I really like the diaper bag and the diaper clutch.

- Jennifer

Jaclyn said...

As always, I'm impressed. But for those of us not nearly as handy with the sewing machine as you it is easier and cheaper to buy it rather than risk our eternal salvation with all of the bad words that will come from attempting to produce them ourselves. Hang in their friend, you're almost done.

Julie said...

It's great that you are able to help make the time pass more quickly by using your creative talents for this lucky baby.

Em said...

what kind of a gmum are you, putting sposies in your diaper clutch? :) jk. it's way cute.

Brittany and Steve Macbeth said...

I LOVE all of these things - hopefully you will have plenty of energy to make me them (hint hint) before our little one gets here!!! Hope you are feeling good! Only a week - right???

Jamie said...

If you don't want to sew a nursing cover, click this link to purchase an awesome one at: