10 May 2009

Baby Items: part 2

As promised, more items and baby tutorials

Boppy Cover
Tutorial and pattern found here. If you make one of these, I would definitely recommend fitting it onto your boppy and pinning it around to make sure it is a snug fit before sewing.

WetbagVery useful for cloth diapering. I just used the wristlet pattern found here, made it a little larger, eliminated the handle and used ripstop nylon as the lining. (Thanks Tara for motivating me to figure it out)

Sling I bought a maya wrap
ring sling when James was born, but I never really liked it because I always felt like he was never very secure, so I ended up selling it on Ebay and mostly used a baby bjorn carrier with him and Owen.

With this baby I still plan on using my bjorn, but wanted to also try a hotsling, since the main thing I didn't like about the maya wrap was the rings, and hotslings don't have rings. Free Pattern and tutorial found here. Can't wait to see how it fits a real baby, instead of a doll.(thanks to Clara, who asked me to help her make one of these for her little guy over a year ago)


tlenox said...

Thank you for my wet bag. I love it and it works great. It's really motivated me to use cloth more often.

Lambert's said...

Cute sewing projects! I have been sewing baby blocks for gifts too. I found a how-to through a google search, they are really easy (I'm still a beginner sewer, never done a zipper).

J Hoyal said...

You are very talented my friend! Hope you are feeling well.