29 April 2009

Another great thrifting day

Yesterday, Owen and I decided that spending another day at home on a rainy, cold day would only add to the gloom, so we headed out to wander around our nearby thrift store.

We weren't looking for anything in particular, but boy, did we find some 50 cent gems.

Remember paint with water books? Why these are so hard to find anymore, I still don't understand, but this one didn't even have a single page ripped out AND it came with a coupon for a free visit to the zoo that expired in 1994.
I was pretty excited to find this blast-from-the-past Wizard of Oz sticker book, also brand new. These are the stickers that you rip out and lick (they taste like bad spearmint--can't you just taste it?) and stick inside the dotted lines. If my boys think that Dorothy is too girly, I will just do the whole book by myself.

James has become quite the little drawing machine, so he was pretty excited about this "how to draw planes, trains, and battleships" book that came as a bonus wrapped up with the sticker book. This particular thrift store often puts two or three coloring-type books in a bag for 99 cents so if you want one in the bag, you end up with a couple more.

So on a rainy day, we came home with all sorts of rainy day activities. Thrifting never disappoints.


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVED those paint with water and lick and stick books when I was little! What a blast from the past. Hope you guys have fun!

Trisha said...

Great finds! Brings back some good memories.

J Hoyal said...

Way to find some fun stuff!

Kari said...

I am definitely catching the "thrifting" bug from your posts, Kristine. I'm impressed with what you are able to find, and I'm anxious to get out to some stores in the area to see what I can find.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great finds, and the price was certainly right! Drawing books are always wonderful.

I'm too old to have had sticker books as a kid, but to this day I just love the dot-to-dot ones!

Lis said...

Bean! What if the glue has become toxic like George & Susan's envelopes?

Also, I would like to hear the conversation between you and Owie about staying home. :)