17 July 2008

Reuse what you have: water storage

With two little apple juice guzzlers in my house, you can imagine we end up with a lot of these:

So a few weeks ago after reading in the news about multiple natural disasters which affected the water supply in various parts of the U.S., I started to worry about my family's water storage. Because our house isn't very large, I've been using that as an excuse to not store water, always telling myself I would do it later when we had some extra room. Also, I never wanted to go out and buy bottles of water and have to haul them all home. (cheap AND lazy)

The very next day I found myself chucking one of those empty gallon apple juice jugs in the recycle bin, thinking to myself, "those containers are made of sturdier plastic than most," and at that moment I had a lightbulb moment. These gallon jugs (of which I've recycled at least 25 in the last few years) would make perfect water storage containers!

And so, as I've said before, recycling is great, but reusing is better. Store some water in your reused juice bottles and find peace of mind knowing you'll be prepared if there is ever a water shortage. Yes, your water will all have a hint of apple juice flavor, but in an emergency, you probably won't mind.

***Here is a very helpful website all about water storage. They say: "Every home should have a supply of water stored for at least three days of emergency use. Store one gallon per person per day, and one quart per small pet"

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