18 July 2008

A fun present

For her birthday, my mother-in-law wanted a new bag for church to hold her essentials. This is my favorite kind of project--one that has just enough specifics to narrow down the size and functionality of the bag, but with no specifics on fabric or style to allow for creativity and fun.

I recently checked out this book from my library, after reading about it on someone's goodreads list.

The book is full of fun, relatively simple projects for any level of sewer. One of the projects was called Pleated Beauty Handbag. It seemed like a fun, unique bag that would suit this purpose.

My mother-in-law loves blue, so I found a couple of contrasting blue fabrics to use for the outside, and a beige upholstery stripe to use as the lining. Because the author encourages bending the rules, I added another pleat in the middle of the bag.

Here is the final product. She should have already received it in the mail by now, and I hope she likes it. Happy (belated) Birthday Mom Fuller!


Kari said...

That is so cute, Kristine. I love the fabrics too!

Lizzy said...

I saw that same book at my sister's house just yesterday. I might have to take a peek at it while she's got it.

And what a cute purse. Very talented.

Jen said...

It's so funny about your last post. My husband said they were recommending that very same thing at Ward Council yesterday. Using apple juice containers! Brilliant! I love your blog!

Chelsea said...

I always feel so guilty after reading your blog. I'm not so good at recycling or reusing or sewing or most of the things you are so fabulous at. Kudos to you!