30 July 2008

Reuse what you have: Super Foamers

Since I'm sure you don't all have the same blogs on your google reader as I have on mine, I thought I'd pass along a fun idea found on a blog that I read frequently. (Most ideas that circulate around blogland are recycled ideas anyway, which is half of the fun! It would be interesting to trace back an idea to its original source).

This is a super fun activity for kids, and perfect for summertime or bathtime.

Super Foamers
  • used water/juice bottles (any skinny bottle with a smallish opening will work)
  • bottle of bubbles
  • old washcloth or towel
  • rubberbands
1) Cut off the bottom of your bottle

2) Wrap a piece of washcloth or towel around the bottom and secure with a rubber band (I cut an old baby washcloth in half and folded each piece in half again--it was a great size)
3) Dip the washcloth in water first, then in a plate of bubbles

4) Blow! You will be amazed at the super foam that comes out the bottom.

My boys loved making Santa Claus beards with the bubbles. We plan to bring these back out during bathtime very soon.


Jen said...

What a fun idea! We need to get together so you can help me do all your great ideas! It's so much more fun with other people!

Lizzy said...

How creative! Your boys are so grown p and so handsome. Every time I think of your kids I remember that story you told me about his CTR ring and him losing and finding it a bunch. That's a sweet story.