05 February 2010


Just a few links to share that struck my fancy and might strike yours:

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week on Feb. 2nd. That is groundhog day. It makes that "holiday", if you will, more fun and eventful than just the usual wondering if that pesky rodent will see his shadow. This post about groundhog day made me laugh because, yes, I am also living that life and also wouldn't trade it for the world. Except mine has now expanded to include a few daily drop-offs and pick-ups and "hurry up and get your shoes on and your backpack ready and brush your teeth and comb your hair or you'll be late for school"s.

I read angry chicken because I really like Amy Karol's approach to sewing, cooking and her life. She is honest, hilarious and very candid in her writing. This recent post I loved because I also think I have it in me to make cough syrup out of the elder flowers that are growing in my backyard. I'm not there yet, but I have the desire. So I'll keep reading and getting ideas from her. Plus, she lives in Portland and I kind of love that.

And last, this helpful chart tells me that I can go ahead and plant peas now that it is February. Since I've been buying and consuming large amounts of snap peas lately, I think it is much better if I just grow and consume large amounts of my own from my backyard. I've never planted this early, so hopefully it will work out.


jefferies said...

I've planted my peas this early the past 3 years and it's worked out great! Have fun...I guess you've reminded me that I need to start on that too. My mind has been a bit preoccupied by other things!

Lis said...

Your wedding was so freezing, but remember how empty the temple was? That is a reason to do it right there.

I never knew you had elderflowers in your yard.