20 April 2009

Monday Fun Find #20

A little while ago, I became the lucky owner of three of these bibs, made by SewSara. (You can see my cute bibs here). Sara is not only the talented seamstress behind the super successful Etsy shop, SewSara, but also a fellow dormie from my freshman year of college at BYU. She lived below us and we lost touch over the years, but recently reconnected through Facebook.

I love a bib that you can just slip over the baby's head, and Sara chooses such colorful, modern fabrics. Combined with her mad applique skills, this is just a great product.

Sara is celebrating her two year Etsy-versary, and is hosting a fun giveaway on her blog. Head over there for a chance to win. There are four prizes (one of them happens to be a limabeanhome special) and she is choosing the winners tonight. So be quick about it.

(P.S. Jess, one of my three bibs is heading your way for your babe. I kind of just spoiled the surprise, but I know you have been looking for bibs like this for a long time)


Lizzy said...

Oh that is cute! Thanks for sharing

Jeff F said...

Did you really post this at 5 am?

Jessica said...

those are soooo cute! i can't wait! they really are the best kind of bibs and hard to find!