06 February 2009


I debated discussing this here, but just can't resist sharing the success we've had with the mostly unknown red vines method for potty training. I cannot take the credit for this idea, which is another reason I'm writing this post. I think my friend, Jana, deserves so much praise for sharing this idea with me (I don't know if she thought of it or got it from someone else, but I'm giving her all the credit) and I think she deserves the praise in blogland.

Here's how it goes:
1) Buy a bucket of red vines
2) Put them on the back of your toilet (if that totally grosses you out, put them on the counter. Our counter is unfortunately too small to hold the bucket, so the toilet won out--disgusting or not)
3) Make a sign and tape it to the bucket that says
1. GO POTTY 2. WASH YOUR HANDS 3. TAKE A RED VINE. Hooray for you!

Now, here I revised the method a bit because I thought it would work better for Owen if he saw us all having red vines when we used the toilet (TooMuchInformation?). So that became the fun part. Anytime anyone in our house (visitors included) visited the loo they were rewarded with a red vine. As long as they washed their hands first, that is. We love red vines in our house, so this has been lots of fun. You can imagine how many times James would use the toilet all day long just for more red vines. But hey, I was willing to eat 5 red vines a day myself if it would potty train Owen. I know, it's quite a sacrifice.

And guess what? It worked. We are officially done with diapers until May when they will come back with a vengeance when the wee one arrives.

Jana, you're awesome.

Okay, seriously, no more potty talk on the blog. But if you visit our house soon, you might just win a red vine. Now you know how to get one.


Donnie Barnes said...

Oh sure, NOW you post that. About two months after we could have really used it! :-)

And all I have to say about the picture is GO TAR HEELS!!!

Lizzy said...

What a fun idea! I'm keeping this one in mind for when Ben is ready. Which I fear might be soon. He peed in the potty for the first time this week (he asked to go and then actually went!). But I don't want to potty train yet! Give me another couple months...

J Hoyal said...

Oh Kristine, I am so glad that the red vines worked. Yah! Wow, I even got mentioned in one of your posts on your blog...You are great! I like how you tweaked it and had everyone get a red vine, we might have to do that with our next one. Hooray, no more diapers...until May!

Jaclyn said...

Great idea, I think I might give that one a try. I"m going to pick up a bucket next time I'm at Coscto and start trying. Tell Jana thanks from me too.

Lima Bean said...

Donnie, trust me--if I had known that this method would work and it would be this easy, I would have tried it AT LEAST two months ago, as I've been stressed out about it for longer than that. I'm sure Kevin is sad too, knowing all the red vines he would have gotten just for doing what he already knows how to do. James was loving it. Spacing out his bathroom visits all day long, as you can imagine. :-)

anj-eye said...

oh, that's awesome! i might have to try this even though i don't have a child potty training... i just love redvines!

Jacob's Blog said...

I've been really trying to work with Jacob to get him potty trained. I've tried stickers and candy. I think I will try this though. It sounds like a good idea. Thanks!!!! (By the way, this is Rachel Wittig. I made Jacob a blog and can't get my responses to say the Wittig family instead of Jacob's blog.)

Jen I said...

Hmm, I really do need some motivation to get started on this. Good idea.