13 February 2009


This morning the boys and I found ourselves in the sewing room (okay, who am I kidding--it is just my bedroom, but a girl with a small house can wish), creating, making, and imagining, side-by-side.

There was a little bit of this
And a little bit of this
And a little boy still in his jammies crouched under the ironing board with trains driving down a sewing machine-attachment-ramp
With a 3- and a 5-year-old attention span, I had to work fast and though the time spent wasn't long, it was very pleasant.

Now I just need to bottle up the sweet feeling in that room for opening later when one of those trains gets thrown at someone "on accident" or that pencil becomes the main attraction for a grabbing match.


Lizzy said...

How nice that your boys will let you sew for a little bit. And how cute that they wanted to spend time with you, even when you're crafting it up.


this is a sweet post, i love your boys.

Lis said...