08 February 2009

Monday Fun Find #18

Scenic Four Seasons Quilted Oven Mitt

This Fun Find is what I would have given Alisa for her birthday if I had discovered it soon enough, and had she not had a special request for a birthday gift that is already in the mail.

What makes this oven mitt so awesome? Well, first of all that it is crafted by Bean of Coyote Craft. I discovered Bean's shop last year and bought this beautiful crochet/knitting needle holder for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She's a pretty awesome Bean, that Bean--and very talented, I might add. (for those who are not aware, Bean and I share that name--my siblings all call me Bean)

The other thing that makes this item so unique is that it is made of a thrifted vintage tea towel. Now that is my kind of crafting. This makes this particular oven mitt one-of-a-kind, but she has one other listed in her shop, also made of a gorgeous vintage tea towel.

Happy Monday, and Happy Birthday Lis! (on Tuesday)


Bean said...

thanks for the spot, if this one doesn't sell soon I think I might keep it for myself, haha!! Yay for Beans! <3

Lis said...

I would have loved this a lot. But I also love my pillows A LOT.