24 February 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, the baby officially has a name

If you don't know who this terrible character is, don't worry, neither do I. But Owen does. It went like this yesterday at the doctor's office:

Nurse: Owen, are you having a baby brother or a baby sister?
Owen: a baby broder
Nurse: Does your baby brother have a name yet?
Owen: yes
Nurse: what is it?
Owen: Swampfire
Nurse: (to me, still thinking this is a serious conversation) what is it?
Me: Swampfire

P.S. Swampfire is one of Ben 10's alien alter egos. I don't watch it, but Jeff has a serious weakness for all things superhero, and, therefore, so do our boys.


Aimee Fuller said...

Swampfire Fuller--it has such great ring to it! He he he, boys will be boys. My nephews wanted to name their little brother Tiger Tooth. Luckily they decided "Spencer" was an okay second.

Emily said...

I am dying...this makes me laugh so hard!! You will be my favorite mom ever if you really do name him Swampfire.

Lizzy said...

Sweet! All the kids in elementary school will be too afraid of Swampfire to make fun of him. Good thinking.

I got a lot of weird looks when we called Ben (as a fetus) Nathan Jr., from Raising Arizona. People got so confused because the baby daddy's name was John, not Nathan. We thought it was funny. We're nerds.

Jeff F said...

I for one think Swampfire is amazing and he is not terrible, but a HERO! He uses his ability to throw fireballs, regrow any severed appendages, and grow vines to help make the world a safer place. Maybe we could consider it for a middle name? :)

Lowe Family said...

Swampfire...what a great name. We could possibly have a little Swampfire and Lightning Awesome that could be little buddies. So Funny :) Good thing we don't let kids name their siblings!

Brittany and Steve Macbeth said...

I love it! Hey why not??? Ha ha ha

tlenox said...

I bet there wouldn't be any other swampfires in his first grade class.

Jim & Marilyn said...

Swampfire Fuller, I really don't care for that ring of that name. I can tell you whatever you name this baby, he will be loved by this NANA. (As if I am worried about Swampfire, Not.)

make it perfect said...

Haha - very cute! My Oscar keeps telling us that our baby will be a "girl named Russell" don't know where he pulled that one from!

Thanks for your comment on blog and entry in the giveaway :)

mindi said...

wow! he can re-grow severed appendages? i'm sold. you know my dad is living proof THAT ability can come in handy!


ha- that is so funny.