12 April 2013

Garden 2013: Part 1

Here is the first update on the garden. The compost has been stewing  for a couple of months and some plants are growing. I decided to try something new and planted some bush sugar snap peas at the beginning of March. Normally I start the peas from seed, but I had never seen this variety before, and they are growing quite well. The plant card describes them like this: SUGAR FLASH PEA--Early, easy to harvest and no need to trellis the short, sturdy bushes. So we'll see if they live up to their description. I also have some climbing sugar snap peas in the ground, which I know produce delicious peas. Those are barely peeking up, so I am hoping to have a long pea harvest. Yum.

In front of those bush peas is a crop of kale--it is also my first attempt at growing kale, so we'll see how it turns out. I am pretty excited about it, as I love raw kale in a salad. But, as I have found with broccoli and other veggies that have completely failed in my gardening hands, being excited about a vegetable alone doesn't make it grow into something that I can actually eat.

And finally, we have a kiwi plant that has grown from a stump to this huge behemoth. It came with the house and has yet to produce a kiwi. Our friend who has great success with her kiwi plants told us that if the plant doesn't have flowers by May, it won't produce any fruit that year. We have found that to be true in the two years we've lived in this house; not a single flower yet. Because I'm only a medium kiwi fan, and this plant is threatening to take over the side of the house, if by May it doesn't have flowers I am going to dig it up and use that beautiful trellis for my beautiful raspberries that do produce fruit.

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