15 May 2013

The Great Kiwi Experiment

When we bought our house, we were surprised to find that kiwi vines (both a male and female) had been planted next to the kitchen window. The realtor tried to make it a big selling feature of the house, along with the raspberries vines which were planted nearby. In our third year of living here, the results are these: raspberries have been awesome; kiwi, not so much.

To give it some credit, we had to cut the kiwi vines to the ground before we even moved in. They had become so large and uncontrollable and were growing up the house, which is always a pest problem for inspectors. So they began growing all over again, but, as we discovered, kiwi vines don't need much coaxing to grow. In fact, they are prolific viners and in no time were huge and leafy. However, as we were told, if the plant doesn't have flowers by May, it won't produce any fruit that year. And so it went like that, all leaf, no fruit for the 1st year and 2nd year of living here.

Here we are in the third year, and as I said in my previous gardening post:
Because I'm only a medium kiwi fan, and this plant is threatening to take over the side of the house, if by May it doesn't have flowers I am going to dig it up and use that beautiful trellis for my beautiful raspberries that do produce fruit.

It is now the 15th of May. AND. . .
we have some indication that it might flower this year! There are these little buds, that, according to my internet research, should either turn into male or female flowers (male=no fruit, female=fruit). It is very exciting, and the kids are thrilled to see if anything comes of it. There are literally hundreds of these all over the vine, so this little experiment is about to get very interesting. Stay tuned.

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