28 September 2010

Project diaper bag: complete

It occurred to me that I never did report back about making myself a new diaper bag.

Now that it is made and I've been carrying it for some months now, I would definitely change a few things, but mostly I like it and it has some fun and useful features.

These pictures are not great, but bags are difficult to photograph, I've found.

My favorite things include:
  • handle is made of seat belt fabric and is my first attempt at an adjustable strap. Turns out adjustable straps aren't difficult at all, and this one makes this bag able to be a shoulder bag or crossed over my body
  • also my first attempt at doing the zipper pocket on the back, which i love to stow books away from the main pocket of the bag
  • cup holders--didn't have them in my other diaper bag and one for me and one for henry are used everyday
  • cell phone pocket sewn into the side--because i finally entered the 20th century and got my first cell phone. and i'm kind of loving it
Things I would do differently next time:
  • i made a special pocket just for a diaper/wipe clutch, which I like, but next time i would put it on the opposite side of the bag from the back zipper pocket, as it makes that side heavier and very unbalanced.
  • the plum quilted fabric was a spontaneous purchase and coordinating fabrics were purchased (floral) and repurposed (green) to match. But I'm losing the love for the plum.
Probably too much analysis of a bag for many of you readers, but I like to document these things for my own sake.

And finally, here is the bag in action at the roundhouse at the Train Museum in NC on a very hot day.

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Aimee Fuller said...

I like the plum and green. And the adjustable strap is awesome.