30 June 2010

Project diaper bag

I am in desperate need of a new diaper bag/purse. Mine is dingy, too small, and I've been carrying it for 13 months now--Henry's whole life. His life seems to be going by very quickly, as babies' lives do. The bag on the other hand?--should have been laid to rest a long time ago.

After searching around this internet trying to get ideas and inspiration for what to make, this bag just blew me away. And it is only $44. I mean, for the amount of work it takes to craft this bag, she is practically giving it away, I swear.

I'm going to try and make my own version--it won't have those amazing snap pockets on the front because those are very difficult to make look good. And I'm only going to include one handle. But of all the bags I found, this one was the most inspiring. And man, are there a lot of ugly ones out there.

I found some fabric today but now I'm not sure if I can pull it off. It is dark purple and not something I would normally choose. I want this bag to be done before I leave in two weeks for North Carolina, so I'll report back.

If you need a bag, you should check out her shop. The bags are made in and shipped from Thailand, so shipping is a little pricey, but the bag prices are so reasonable it seems worth it.

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