27 September 2010

Almost unpacked

Wow, moving is crazy. It has been awesome and overwhelming to try and get everything organized and all the utilities and cable and internet transferred and set up again. I still haven't hung any curtains or a single picture on the walls, so at times it feels like we're living in a vacation home, but eventually we'll get there. Mostly I just need my big sis, the decorating expert, to make a visit here stat and help me hang all the pictures in one crazy, fun weekend.

Things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this new house are things that many of you probably have but I wanted to share so that I don't ever forget how lucky I feel to finally have them:
  • garage
  • bar in the kitchen so we don't have to eat every meal at the table
  • bonus room at the top of the stairs for toys, sewing machine, and art station (picture to come if it is ever clean enough to show to the world)
  • garage
  • built-in dishwasher
  • garage
  • James gets to ride the bus to school! Which means my children's nap routines aren't forever at the mercy of a drop-off or a pick-up
And just one thing that I am loathing a little that came with the new digs:
  • ants
We feel blessed and lucky to be here, and my shop is back open again and we are feeling like this is home now.


Donnie Barnes said...

I am so so SO happy for you guys! And I'd love pics when you get a chance. :-)

Em said...

ya. You're not allowed to post abt your fab new mansion and not post pics!

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I'm happy for you. What fun. I think I need lots of decorating help. The only problem is . . .I want to buy all new decorations but I know that's not the smartest idea.:)

SummerV said...

Having a garage is huge! I felt that same way once we were out of apartment living. Congrats on the new house, can't wait to see pictures!

Lizzy said...

Oh congrats! So much fun. Please post pictures!! No one cares if the house is messy. All of ours are!

Shannan said...

Okay if your big sis does come to town, you have to promise to come and visit me in little 'ol Salem! And to tell you the truth, I would even venture down to Eugene and help you set up your garden next spring :)

Lundin said...

Congrats on the house, I can't wait to see pictures!

Brittany and Steve Macbeth said...

I want some pictures!!! I am so jealous of the "garage", that is one thing I am missing SO much in the house we bought!!! So happy you guys got the house.