30 September 2010

A few pics

These pictures were taken just moments after we received the keys and were the official owners of the new house. The whole process was so long and stressful, I just had to capture the moment when we were allowed to actually go inside of the house without a realtor accompanying us. It was so great.

These last few were taken yesterday. Because I just can't bring myself to photograph the individual rooms of the house in this undecorated state with nothing on the windows or the walls, I'm "taking pictures of my kids" and all that have requested pictures can see the living room and dining room in the background. Somehow, for me, this makes the balloons all over the floor, the diet pepsi on the half-wall and boxes and un-hung pictures leaning up against the wall okay for y'all to see.

Notice the white carpet. Yep, it's all through the house including the dining area. Not my first choice, but it's fine. Also, the mini-blinds on every single window. Also not my first choice, but super expensive to replace all at once, so that will be an ongoing project.

More pictures to come, little by little, I promise.


Jessica said...

LOVE IT! Marge and I had so much fun looking at the pictures! We are so excited for you!

Shannan said...

Wow! And congrats!!

Our house was built in the mid-90's and so when we moved in, it was all mauve this and mauve that. I had to even replace mauve miniblinds so I totally understand. I seriously recommend selectblinds.com - faux wood white blinds - custom ordered. you wouldn't believe how much cheaper it is than home depot or anything else. we've used them for three houses now. I usually do it one room at a time - like I'll order two or three blinds for the family room, wait a month, order the bedrooms, wait a few months, etc. Just a tip and YES I will help with garden. Let's stay in touch!

David and Jana said...

Hooray,I love it! Congrats to you and good luck getting it all put together (that is the fun part though...).

Lizzy said...

I love the front window! And the house looks so open and spacious. It's so pretty! I think we need some pictures of the kids in the kitchen next :).

Lundin said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Especially the huge window in the piano room. What a beautiful house!

Amie said...

oh thats great Kristine! It looks like a nice house. White carpet? eh...and Henry , he is so big!
We are moving too! not sure when, but soon! hey I see you got a cell phone! give me your number and we can keep in better touch!

The Fullmer Times & Seasons said...

I love the pictures.
Your house seems so much more organized than mine feels right now.

I'm feeling a little sad about having blinds in my house. Sad because they are filthy dirty and I have no desire to clean them because they're all long and wide (to me).
But, happy because I don't want to worry about window coverings right now.

I think I'll just replace blinds with curtains as I know what I'm doing.
Any great suggestions on decorating books to read?
My sister told me about Domino. I was just reminded now of that.


Susan Luke said...

The house looks great! I'm so excited for your family...and, YEAH, you were able to stay in the ward! As for replacing the blinds, have you thought about making your own roman shades? You're awfully handy with the sewing machine! I made roman blinds for the game room....six windows for approx. $150, as opposed to "custom" through Home Depot for $1800. Just a thought.


I'm so happy for you! it looks beautiful!