27 June 2010

I love free stuff especially when it is useful

Just another couple of great freecycle items to share:

These were notebooks from a U of Oregon student. He had used a little paper from every section, and there was plenty left. In our house I can't keep up with all the requests for new drawing notebooks because theirs are full, so I think this guy's free item was meant just for me. It was a happy day in the Fuller house when these came home.

Also, I was the happy recipient of a bag full of free zippers and other sewing notions. Some of them are vintage zippers with funny packaging and price tags of 25 cents and such. Love.

If you don't know about freecycle, you can remind yourself what it is here.

1 comment:

Em said...

good scores. i would change the title to say i love free stuff but only when it's useful. otherwise it requirs a pomodoro to clean it all up since it gets left everywhere by wee ones. :)