01 July 2010

Little chalkers

While we were gone to D.C. I thought it would be fun for the boys to have something new to do while Gma and Opa were here. Inspired by this post we decided to make big outdoor chalkboards for our little artists.

We bought a large--8' x 4'--piece of hardboard and had it cut it in half. We chose hardboard because it is smoother and cheaper than plywood ($11 compared to $35). One can of chalkboard paint, two coats of paint, and one day of drying later, they each had a 4'x4' board of their very own.

I've never met a kid who doesn't love chalk and a chalkboard--including me--and these will be used and used during these gorgeous, dry, Oregon summer months.


stacie said...

what a fun idea! I've also thought of painting part of a room chalkboard- but couldn't decide whether or not to do it. The kids having their own chalkboard probably would be better than drawing all over our neighbors driveway! (although she says she doesn't mind...) :)

SummerV said...

We are going to do this, thank for the idea!