28 June 2010

Berry Season is Here. . .

. . .and we are super excited. I wish I had a bigger freezer for all the berries we want to pick and freeze, but it just makes for more creative arranging and re-arranging in our tiny one.

First ripe are always the strawberries. Gma and Opa joined us at Harry's Berries when they came into town last week and we were delighted with our spoils.

Father's Day dessert, indeed. This pie served with locally made bratwurst, spinach strawberry salad (thx 4 the recipe, Chelsea), and this artisan bread made the two celebrated fathers in our house full and happy.


Emily said...

Yum. I miss being able to pick strawberries.

Blasted desert.

Jen I said...

Wow. How do you get your crusts to look so perfect? Mine never look that good.

Lima Bean said...

mine don't ever look that good either. the stars must have been aligned. actually, what you can't see is that one side totally collapsed. it's the other side from the picture. haha.

also, it's just a box roll-up pie crust from pillsbury. so really, don't be too impressed. =)

Kari said...

Hi Kristine.

This post makes me so homesick for the Willamette Valley. We'll have to find some u-pick fruit places in our new town.

Hope you and your boys are doing great. That pie looks scrumptious!