17 February 2010

Scenes from my yard

**I thought it was time to pick up the compost bin and move it to another place in the garden. I do this every six months or so, and the pile of compost that is already inside can just continue to decompose until May when the whole garden will be uncovered and it can be tilled into the ground.

It's quite remarkable to see the layers stacked like that in all stages of decomposition. Really amazing that it's simply vegetable, fruit and other kitchen discards, leaves and grass clippings. And the bottom layer? A rich, nutrient-filled soil additive. And it's free.

If you want to make a compost bin like this, you'll find the tutorial here.

**A couple of weeks ago, the boys were playing in the backyard and called me outside to see this double rainbow. I'm pretty glad they did. After studying the story of Noah in our sunday school class last week, it made me consider this rainbow in a different way.

**The picture doesn't really give justice to how dainty these little daffodils are. I don't remember planting baby daffodils, but am just delighted that they came up this year. They are right by the front door, so it's a welcome reminder every time we come and go that spring might really come.


Emily said...

Oh man this is making me super excited to be in oregon next week!!! Daffodils are my favorite and are non-existent here, so I'm excited I'll get to see some at my parent's house.

Love the rainbow pic with the dark and dreary clouds...I'm sure you're sick of them, but it's a pretty sight for me!


that was really cool to see the compost layers! thanks for sharing!