09 February 2010

A special girl

I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, it's been one of those days. Being a parent of young children is emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding and draining. And worth every minute, of course.

In addition to being hard, however, today has also been special. It is a day where we get to join our dear friends, Bill and Mindi, in celebrating the birthday of their sweet angel, Addison.

Five years ago Addi was born and spent two weeks with Bill and Mindi before she passed away peacefully. She has made me appreciate life, realize that heaven is closer than we know, and feel more love and admiration for her mom and dad, who have, over the years, handled this devastating loss with strength and grace.

I try to think of Addi often, not just on her birthday. I love the celebrations her family has each year, like this one, last year, and this one, two years ago.

Such a sweet angel, and a sweet reminder of the beautiful plan of happiness that will allow Addi's family to see her and kiss that sweet face again someday.

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