27 November 2009

Hometown Thanksgiving

This year, since moving to Eugene four years ago, we didn't leave town for Thanksgiving.

In fact, we had a lot of firsts:
  • We went to cheer on Jeff running in the 5K Turkey Stuffer
  • Which ended up at the local indoor pool and let all the families of race participants swim for free
  • Finally used my china
  • Cooked my first turkey--stuffed the skin with yummy sage butter.
  • Finished off the day eating a fabulous dinner with great friends


Aimee Fuller said...

Though we missed you guys dearly, it's always nice to do your own thing and start new traditions. The turkey looked yummy. Love the family picture. Henry is getting so big. Can't wait to see you guys in a month or so. :)

Anonymous said...

you guys look great! nice spread on the table! miss you!


Yum, yum! Your table looked great! We slept in and skipped the Turkey Stuffer for the first time this year. [We decided we were too out of shape and didn't really want to pay to know how out of shape we are!]
Way to go with your first turkey!

jefferies said...

That looks soooo...YUM-O. Good job! Looks like fun!

Chelsea said...

Okay, both dinner look delish. And, I had to laugh because I totally had that book on how to draw animals as a kid. Loved it! Good find.

Julie said...

What a beautiful table, and your culinary skills are evident in the color and variety on the plate. Good job and love to all of you.