04 November 2009

What a difference a year makes

My parents were recently here for their annual Halloween visit. They've been coming to Oregon for Halloween the past few years, as our G&G Troxler did when we were little. Halloween is definitely a holiday better spent with children, and we love visitors.

Last week, while waiting for them to arrive, I couldn't help but think about last year's visit. Mom came alone to rescue me from weeks of pregnancy-induced sickness and serious neglect of my children and my home. Also, Jeff was out of town and the thought of making three meals a day for children in my current state overwhelmed me to tears.

She came and stayed longer than her usual three days (because she lives by the adage that guests and fish stink after 3 days), cooked delicious bland meals that soothed this pregnant lady's sick stomach, sewed a vampire cape, cleaned my house every single day, did all our laundry, let me sleep in, transported James to and from school, and listened to me complain about feeling crummy and how I would never, ever have any more children.

I cried after she left. However, I also found within myself a renewed energy to face the difficult weeks full of nausea that were still ahead.

This year Mom and Dad came together once again, and we had great food, watched some great football (go Ducks!) and baseball, and even enjoyed a rare sunny Oregon fall day.

Needless to say, I am so, so happy to be here in 2009 with Henry making me smile and fall more in love with him everyday as opposed to there in 2008 when he mostly just made me run to the toilet.


Ilene said...

Kids are always better out than in.

Although many times the reverse sounds right.

Go Ducks indeed. It was a beautiful weekend in Oregon.

Em said...

today was one of those days of overwhelmed to tears with a baby inside for me too, but i don't have the nausea or out-of-town husband excuse. although i guess coming home after boozie's in bed for months is pretty much the same. good ole marge.

Emily said...

Ah moms...that sounds like a fun tradition. Not you running to the toilet, but your parents coming for Halloween.

Glad you guys had fun and had some great weather!

David and Jana said...

The kids looked so darn cute! Glad you had a good holiday with your parents.

Anonymous said...

I miss your parents, its been way too long since ive seen them and you for that matter, we have got to plan a trip to utah at the same time!!!! luckly my pregnancy does not having me running to the toilet!

mindi said...

your kids look ADORABLE! did you make those costumes???